Friday, April 10, 2009

Maui Sunset

Can you tell I love taking pictures of sunsets. This photo always reminds me of God's creation.  This was another beautiful sunset in Maui (same trip with the teachers) and I loved the silhouette effect of the coconut trees.  Someday I'll be back!!

Orchid at Ka'anapali Beach

Last February break (2008), a bunch of teachers took a vacation trip to Maui (boy that was fun).  It was a time of bonding and celebrating where we were at in life.  We decided to go to Ka'anapali Beach when this photo was taken.  I saw this orchid lying around and started taking pictures of it.  Maui, No Ka Oi (the best)! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Most Amazing Sunset

Wow, this picture was taken way back in 2005. It overlooked Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma. My exchange student and I were visiting the monument and decided to stay until the sun went down. I'm so glad we did. Words could not express that evening. This was by far the most incredible sunset I have ever witnessed in San Diego.


In the summer of 2007, a bunch of teachers took a trip to Hawaii.  On our way to Yokahama Beach, (westside of the island) Amber found a plumeria flower.  My friend Jason and I started playing with it in the water. Being the wanna be photographers, we decided to shoot some pictures with it (our cheap cameras).  Because it turned out to be an amazing shot, they (Jason and Amber) decided to use it as part of their engagement picture. 

White Flowers

I took this picture way back in 2005 when I first started getting into photography. I was roaming through the Paradise Resort Hotel off Sea World and spotted these amazing flowers in an ashtray bin. I guess it was a way to hide the ashes (go figure).

Magnificent Sunset

Every time I fly home, I try to visit the North Shore of Oahu.  This spectacular picture was taken last summer with great friends at Waimea Bay.  We enjoyed the time, talking story, barbecuing, jumping off the "Rock," and swimming with the sunset as our background.  What more can anyone ask for?


This is the reason why I love Hawaii so much.  You can walk along the shore and all of a sudden spot a Honu (turtle) resting.  Legend says, if you see a turtle, it will bring you good luck.  That is so true!!  The beauty of this shot captured it all.